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Toy Joy - Let's Go!

Our regular hours of Operation are - 

Open Daily: 10am - 9pm 

Holiday Hours (tentatively November 22nd - December 23rd)
All Day Everyday - 9am - Midnight
*Special Note* 
We will close early on the 24th and 31st of December.


Call us at 512.320.0090




Toy Joy is a true Austin original. We are an independent toy store that was established in 1987 to supply locals with meaningful toys. Toy Joy soon became famous for it's revolving stock of strange knick-knacks and exotic goods. The concept grew, along with the city, and soon Toy Joy became one of the largest and most popular toy retailers in the US. People were traveling from all around the globe to experience a less typical children's retailer. 


In 2008, Toy Joy found new ownership with a couple who have dedicated their life to toys, and the pursuit of FUN!!! The store expanded into the space next door, adding a “Tokyo Toy Joy” for a more complete tour of light-hearted design and nostalgic playthings.


Some of the characters associated with Toy Joy: Hello Kitty and friends, Rody, Ugly Dolls, Ultraman, Godzilla, Fraggles, assorted superheroes, Marvel, DC, and others, Felix the cat, Futurama, Mr. Bill, etc.  


Some things you might want to know about Toy Joy! - 

 Toy Joy is a safe-for-all-ages toy store. In fact, all the items are chosen to be “safe for an eight year old”, even though some of the items may be as fascinating for adults! "Everyone" should have fun at Toy Joy!


 Gift wrap is free, and truly amazing! Toy Joy provides free gift wrapping services to all "patient" customers. Please keep in mind that this is a very popular service on weekends and holidays, if you are on your way to a party, allow extra time!


Toy Joy is known for having helpful, "present-picking" staff. Not sure what to buy? Ask us a question!

Toy Joy is so popular that we CAN get filled-to-capacity on many weekends and holidays. If you, or your family, would rather experience the store at a more leisurely pace, feel free to call ahead and check the "Crazy" Level! We want your tour of the store to be memorable for all the right reasons.

Mini Rubber Chicken Beatles Playing Cards and Music Boxes Rody!!! Mimoji hello kitty strawberry Sanrio Squares Rody Madness! rody Chinese New Year!!! Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year!